Sign up to VOLUNTEER to various opportunities! To run a successful program, we need the support of parents, in many different capacities. We encourage your participation. Please commit to volunteer for as many activities as your schedule allows. 
* Most of our opportunities require VIRTUS Certification* 

Virtus is important for the safety of all of our children. Please visit to find the nearest Virtus Training session. Virtus is open to all faiths. Registered families without volunteer points will be charged a NON-VOLUNTEER FEE: Volunteer points may be earned based on the amount of sports registered or pay the non-volunteer fee.

             50                                      $50.00
2 SPORTS           100                                    $100.00
3 SPORTS           150                                    $150.00
4 SPORTS           200                                    $200.00

VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES  * The following volunteer opportunities require proof of VIRTUS Certification *

NEW VIRTUS TRAINING   Points:100 - A one time point reward (per family) Visit to find the nearest Virtus training session.

*BOARD MEMBER    Points: 200

Click here to see all Board Member Positions.


*COACH   Points:200
*SPORTS HELPERS     Points:10 - Various positions to assist with during track meets, soccer games
*TIME/SCOREKEEPER   Points:20  - Training is provided. 
*LINESKEEPER   Points:10  Training is provided. 
*GYM GAME ADMISSION    Points:10 - At home games at PS 191/PS 188 

*HALLOWEEN PARTY   Points:50 - Assist with setup, decorating, DJ/MC, admissions, ticket sales, cleanup. (October) **AM Youth Group volunteer credits are awarded by CCD, not AMAA.**
*CHRISTMAS WREATH SALE   Points:20 (1 DAY ONLY)  50 (BOTH DAYS)  -  The Fair is on the 1st weekend in December. It is a 2-day event. Help decorate and sell wreaths.  2-3 hrs per day required.
*CAR WASH   Points:50 - Setup, washing, drying, traffic. Kids are welcome to volunteer. (June)
*END-OF-YEAR AWARDS Points:50  -  Setup, decorating, admissions, ticket sales, cleanup (June) 

The following do not require Virtus Certification

‚ÄčADVERTISING/FLYERING CAMPAIGNS   Points:50 - Distribute flyers at local schools (at dismissal) announcing registration or other events.